Arkona Wind Farm

Germany (385 MW)


In September 2015 Bladt Industries was granted a construction conctract by AWE-Arkona-Windpark Entwicklungs GmbH (50% EON, 50% Statoil) for the supply of 60 transition pieces and 60 monopile foundations for the Arkona Offshore Wind Farm. Production of the foundations started in the summer of 2016 and ended in the third quarter of 2017.

Production of the 60 transition pieces included electrical design and delivery of switchgears and was carried out at Bladt Industries’ production facilities in Aalborg, Denmark.

The transition pieces have a diameter of 6 metres. Arkona Offshore Wind farm has a total capacity of 385 MW and is placed in the German part of the Baltic Sea – nearly 35 kilometres north of Rügen Island. E.ON will have responsibility for building and operating the wind farm.



E.ON & Statoil


60 transition pieces and 60 monopiles




6/6,3 m

Total weight:

15,600 t