Beatrice Wind Farm

Great Britain (588 MW)


In June 2016, Bladt Industries was awarded a construction contract by Seaway Heavy Lifting for the supply of
30 jackets for the Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm. The production of the jackets started in the autumn 2016 and was finalised in 2018.

Assembly and storage of the jackets was carried out at Bladt Industries’ Lindø facilities in Denmark. First load out took place in third quarter 2017 while the last load out took place in second quarter 2018. Bladt Industries supplied 20 jacket foundations with a height of 67 metres and 10 jacket foundations with a height of 75 metres.

The Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm is located in the ‘Outer’ Moray Firth on the north-western point of the Smith Bank, approximately 13 kilometres east of the Caithness coastline. With Bladt Industries’ contribution Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm has expanded its development site to cover an approximate area of 100 km2 and consist of 84 offshore wind turbines with a total capacity of 588 MW.



Seaway Heavy Lifting


30 jacket foundations




67-75 m

Total weight:

27,000 t