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Critical components of utility-scale offshore wind farms

Substations are critical components of utility-scale offshore wind farms. Substations receive the power produced by wind turbine generators, transmitted by power cables buried in the seabed. Once the power reaches the substation, the electricity is stepped up to a higher voltage and sent onshore via high voltage cables. The high voltage cables are again connected to the onshore infrastructure and wider energy grid.

The substation itself consist of a topside that sits on top of a transition piece, monopile or jacket foundation.

Substations range in size, however, tend to consist of four floors:

  • A cable deck used for pull-in installation of export cables from offshore
  • A main deck to support high and medium voltage equipment for the high voltage transformer
  • A utility deck with among other things, day crew rooms and
  • A roof deck where the main crane for lifting is located

With the current designs, AC substations weigh approximately 800 – 7,000 tonnes.

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