We have transformed numerous customers’ specifications into long-lasting offshore steel foundations.

Our starting point is our customers' needs

Monopile foundations are among the most popular offshore wind foundations in the market and have been used widely in offshore wind over the last few decades. The monopile is a construction consisting of a steel pipe with a diameter ranging from approximately 5-6 meters and up to 13+ metres in diameter.

The monopile itself is piled into the seabed using a large hydraulic hammer. The length of monopiles range from 20m to more than 120m and the weight ranges from 1,000–3,500 tonnes.

Monopiles can be divided into segments according to diameter:

  • Regular monopiles: 5-6 metres
  • XL monopiles: 6-8 metres
  • XXL monopiles: 8-13 metres

Over the years, we have transformed numerous customers' specifications into long-lasting offshore steel foundations and have accumulated unique technical expertise in this field.

Since 2002, we have been involved in the fabrication of more than 3,100 foundations, and have gained extensive experience with this process – and with fabrication and mounting of external platforms as well as mounting, and installation of both static anodes, and dynamic ICCP corrosion protection systems.

XL and XXL foundations are produced as regular foundations, but important elements in the fabrication process demand that facilities and production logistics are in order.

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