CS WIND Offshore Solutions

Secondary Steel

We offer state of the art secondary steel components that are used in a transition piece, a jacket or indeed a TP-less monopile. Secondary steel is the term used for all components that are added to a foundation. This includes boat landings, anode cages, external and internal platforms.

Highly experienced in delivery and fitting of secondary steel

The individual components are manufactured at strong and reliable subcontractors worldwide. Any subcontractor is carefully selected on basis of manufacturing skills, reliability and ability to deal with even late changes to the design.

During manufacturing at a subcontractor, we maintain the full control of the process by means of inspectors permanently placed at the subcontractors facility. During manufacturing and prior to shipping the parts to CS WIND Offshore, each individual item will be checked thoroughly on a regular basis according to a predefined and agreed Inspection and Test Plan to ensure that the manufacturer continues to produce the secondary steel in full compliance to the clients specifications. The inspections include control and check of the works, tracebility, the performed NDT and indeed also the documentation.

Coating and installation

Coating of the secondary steel is most often performed in our modern coating facility. In case the secondary steel has to be delivered as hot dip galvanized (HDG) or aluminum, this can also be supplied by us. After surface treatment, HDG or coating, the secondary steel will be equipped with grating and railing. Grating can be both HDG steel gratings as well as GRP (glass or fiberglass reinforced plastic) whereas railing can be delivered in GRP, Aluminum or Steel (HDG or coated).

At a later stage, the secondary steel, now being as completed as possible, will be installed in the foundation prior to, or just after, upending at our harbour facility.

We offer to supply, not only the secondary steel itself, but certainly also to deliver and install the required E&I equipment, such as cable trays, navigational light, illumination inside the foundation as well as on the external platform, installation and delivery of Davit cranes as well as installation of the WTG Switch gear, radars etc. All with the aim to simplify the installation works offshore.

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Commercial Manager

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