CS WIND Offshore About us

Our philosophy

We support a green future with a clear company vision. We know our dedication, passion and experience will only continue to grow. 


As a leader of clean energy, our mission is to provide renewable energy for the world to improve the lives of people.


Our vision is to become the world’s leading company for renewable energy.


Our values are the guiding principles for our behavior – as an organization and as individuals.

  • Growth mindset

    At CS WIND Offshore we learn, develop and grow together. For us, sharing knowledge creates mutual improvement and when we unite our personal growth we will accelerate our company growth.

  • Speed

    For us, speed is about honoring our clients by delivering as promised. Speed also represents our readiness and adaptability to seek solutions in unison when facing challenges. We never compromise on quality when seeking optimizations, hence we set the speed according to time and conditions.

  • Globality

    At CS WIND Offshore we work as one global team. We share experiences, knowledge, ideas and resources across all CS WIND entities and best practice always wins. As one global family, we embrace the diversity and cultural differences among our employees as a core strength the drives our company forward. 

  • Communication & Cooperation

    We are stronger when we cooperate and leverage all competencies and experiences among our employees to achieve individual and company goals. In the process of reaching our goals, it is key for us to maintain clear and transparent communication to make the biggest impact for us and our customers. 

Our slogan

Change & Challenge

CS WIND Offshore will continue to change and challenge to move forward to make the society and our company sustainable.