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Jacket Foundations

Several decades of experience makes us flexible and adaptable.

Unique knowledge about the industry

Jackets are foundations using a lattice framework and they usually have three or four anchors set on the seafloor. The top of the jacket features a transition piece connected to the turbine shaft, while the legs (three or four, depending on the design) are anchored to the seabed with piles. Jackets are common for projects that are installed in water depths between 30 and 60 meters and they usually weigh 500-1,500 tonnes

Since the 1970s, fabrication of jacket foundations has been part of our core business and with more than four decades of experience, we offer unparalleled expertise in jacket foundations. Through the years, we have left our mark on many offshore projects.

Our unique production setup makes us able to deliver serial productions of jacket foundations for larger projects. Within a timeframe of only three years, we managed to become the world's first to manufacture 100 jacket foundations. Our experience and know-how cover a variety of jacket foundations such as tripods and four-legged structures, and we are experts in y-joint welding. With our flexible and adaptable facilities, we can deliver high-quality, fast-track fabrication of jacket foundations for clients everywhere.

We know the industry inside out and with a unique knowledge of the challenges and possibilities of platform structure development, we can provide our customers with professional consultancy and invaluable expertise.

Regardless of the size, complexity and time perspective of the project, we offer highly qualified project management through all phases – from design, development and production to the assembly at the final destination.

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