CS WIND Offshore About us

Quality, Health & Safety

High quality standards are paramount to our customers while health and safety issues are vital to our employees.

Our focus on Quality, Health and Safety

We maintain a constant focus on all Quality, Health and Safety matters during the Planning and Execution of all Projects. We work uncompromisingly with quality, health and safety issues, always striving to improve our performance and capabilities. This guarantees high-quality products, the highest possible degree of safety for all personnel on every site, and protection of the environment.

Our integrated Management system is certified against international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001) and fulfills expectations of our customers regarding quality of products, safety of all interested parties.

Green thinking powered by people and process

  • Quality

    We strive to

    • Meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and demands
    • Continually educate our team of employees in management system processes, company values, and culture
    • Critically evaluate and assess our own processes to create improvements that reflect our customers’ demands and expectations as well as the development within the industry

    We achieve this through

    • Development of project quality plans
    • Development & execution of integrated management system
    • On site Quality inspection and audits
  • Health & Safety

    • We prioritize a healthy and safe working environment, as we believe in employee engagement
    • We pursue a culture where safety is a natural part of the work we perform, we take care of each other, and where everyone contributes with ideas for improvements

    We achieve this through

    • Development & execution of HSE plans, RAMS, and Safety walks and campaigns
    • Development of emergency response plans
    • Incident & accident investigation
    • Obtaining approval and permissions from authorities


Always working to improve

Our certificates are proof that we meet the requirements set and that we are always working to improve.