CS WIND Offshore Facilities

Brøndby - Denmark

At our branch office in Brøndby, our team of international professionals is ready to handle any client inquiry.

Project office - Brøndby

Production facilities are a key factor for delivering first-class projects to our clients, but they will never be able to stand alone. With our dedicated project managers and skilled back-office employees, we are able to lift projects to a higher level.

Our office in Brøndby is conveniently located close to Copenhagen, and we are happy to receive guests for meetings here if this is desired for any reason.

Our Brøndby team is ready to handle client inquiries and manage various projects.

CS WIND Offshore A/S
Kirkebjerg Allé 90
Bygn. A, 1. sal
DK-2605 Brøndby
Phone: +45 9635 3700