Horns Rev 3 Wind Farm

Denmark (407 MW)


In the first quarter of 2018, Bladt Industries A/S won an order for the outfitting of 24 transition pieces for the Horns Rev 3 Offshore Wind Farm, which is to become Denmark's largest offshore wind farm.

In spring 2018, the fabrication of the transition pieces began and will run until the second quarter of 2018, where the first load-out is scheduled to take place.

““For many years we have manufactured and delivered transition pieces and monopiles for some of the worlds largest offshore wind farms. With nearly 1.500 completed foundations and counting, we contribute with a certain expertise and know-how”

Carl Christian Hald, Senior Project Manager, Bladt Industries A/S

Bladt Industries will deliver 24 out of a total of 49 transition pieces for the Horns Rev 3 project. The transition
pieces will connect the turbine to the actual monopile foundation. Each of the 24 transition pieces weights approximately 500 tonnes with a diameter of up to 6.5 metres and a length of 32 metres.

A greener Scandinavia
The offshore wind farm is located in the North Sea outside the western part of Denmark and will have a total
capacity of 406 MW. Horns Rev 3 will cover approximately 425,000 Danish households' annual electricity
consumption once fully operational.





24 transition pieces




32 m


6,5 m

Total weight:

12,000 t