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Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW)

Virginia USA


Bladt Industries will supply 176 transition pieces to the U.S. Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project for Dominion Energy. The wind farm will be established some 40 kilometers off the Virginia U.S. East Coast.

The order is the largest TP contract ever for Bladt Industries, and it has started according to plan.

Production started in March 2023 at Bladt Industries' site in Aalborg, Denmark. The first load out of the project is scheduled for April 2024, and it is expected completed in September 2025.

The transition pieces are up to 26.6 meters high and 7.5 meters in diameter. Each element weighs approx. 570 tons.

Once the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind farm is complete, it will provide energy for up to 660,000 homes.



Dominion Energy


176 transition pieces




30 m


8 m

Total weight:

92,560 t

“As our chosen supplier of Transition Pieces, Bladt industries has demonstrated both a strong track record in meeting the needs of the global offshore wind industry, but also a strong technical and manufacturing knowledge for our project. Given Bladt’s insight into the US market, we have every confidence that Bladt is the best choice for our 2.6 GW offshore wind project.”

Joshua Bennet Vice President Offshore Wind, Dominion Energy