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Northwind substation all set!

The 11th substation from Bladt Industries has just successfully been installed.

02 July 2013

During the last 18 months, a team from Bladt has been busy with the EPCI project for the Northwind Offshore Substation. Today, they can reap the benefits of their hard work as the substation has been installed successfully.

The progress
The installation had to wait a few days due to bad weather conditions, but yesterday, 1 July 2013, it finally happened.


Bladt Industries gave the go-ahead to cut off the sea fastening


Northwind was lifted off the barge


Northwind was installed on foundation


The mission was completed

The success lies within the priceless experience we have gained during the last decade with fabrication of substations and a hardcore team of engineers, black smiths, welders and painters who all know their role in the game.

Even with at very tight time schedule, it would be a failure for us to compromise on the quality – in other words, we will never compromise on the quality because the quality of the structures we provide is absolutely crucial.

The Northwind project is now close to an end for us, and at present, we are occupied with other substation projects. The Northwind offshore wind farm is co-owned by investors Colruyt and Aspiravi.