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Bladt supplier of Nordsee Ost platform

The German energy company RWE has chosen Bladt Industries to design and fabricate the platform for its offshore wind farm Nordsee Ost.

02 July 2013

With its approximately 2,000 tonnes, this platform is the same size as the platform for the offshore wind farm Borkum Riffgrund 1, which we are currently in the process of constructing at our facilities in Aalborg.

“With a project like this, it is always the time schedule that makes up the challenge – we have plenty of experience and know-how from constructing platforms for both the wind industry and the oil and gas industry.”

Division Manager Per Wulff.

“As we construct more and more platforms, we have made a strong set-up regarding the execution of such projects, and that is exactly why we are able to take on the task of both designing and fabricating the platform within very short time.”

Troels Jensen, Division Manager, Bladt Industries. 

As with the platform for Borkum Riffgrund 1, the Nordsee Ost platform will be prefabricated with one of our suppliers, and then transported by barge to our facilities in Aalborg with arrival in December 2013. In Aalborg, it will be fully equipped, tested and commissioned, and in July 2014, it should be ready for departure from Aalborg.