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Cost of energy - task Force

We dare to bring cost of energy on the agenda -  join us if you dare too

Everybody is talking about bringing down Cost of Energy (CoE). It is time to take it to the next level; we all need to act.

We took the initiative in the spring of 2016 where we hosted a conference with only one issue on the agenda - how to bring down the Cost of Energy, which afterward resluted in a Task Force today managed by the Danish Wind Industry Association. 

Thoughts behind establishing the task force

In a worst case scenario, there will be no sustainable offshore wind market after 2020. Only by bringing the CoE down to a level where subsidies are negligible, we can ensure the sustainable market we all strive for. 

This is not a task that each of us can do alone and isolated. We, at Bladt Industries, strongly believe that only by building bridges between the different steps in the entire value chain, and not by acting only on our own, will we be able to make this industry sustainable. 

If CoE should be brought down to an adequate and sustainable level concurrently with more wind power to be produced, larger turbines, and more offshore wind farms in deeper waters are required. Together, this makes a need for competitive jacket solutions in terms of CoE. If the offshore wind industry does not succeed in lowering the price of jackets, a potential market may phase out. This is why focus on jackets in a larger context among all players in the industry and throughout the value chain is needed.

The good thing is that there are obvious economic savings contained in the contingencies that cover the interfaces between us. Therefore, by working even closer together, we see a strong potential to bring down cost for the benefit of all parties and the industry in general.

There is no time for us to just lean back and wait for others to make the first move. Jointly, we have to take a close look on the value chain in the offshore wind industry for jacket structures to see how each link in the supply chain can contribute to lowering the cost of energy. This is simply impossible to do as individuals – we need to join forces, listen and cooperate.  

About the task force

In close cooperation with the Danish Wind Industry Association, we have established a Task Force group with the mutual goal - To bring down the cost of energy. 

Task force goals and objectives        

  • To bring CoE on the Agenda. 
  • To establish the needed dialogue and network within the value chain for making the cooperation possible. 
  • To create an insight and understanding into each step of the value chain that affects CoE on jackets and their challenges to meet lower CoE. 
  • To create a common understanding of the necessity to bring down CoE.
  • To bring down cost on jackets for the benefit of all parties and the industry in general.
  • To bring down cost on jacket interacting components/services – e.g. installation scope, tower, turbine.
  • The Task Force will be a continuous cooperation with the aim of bringing concrete results for the future of the offshore wind industry.

Interested in joining - please contact Anja Pedersen at the Danish Wind Industry Association