Belgium (216 MW)


The Northwind-project started in January 2012 as Bladt Industries and Semco Maritime started the process of designing and fabricating the substation. The specified requirements along with Belgian regulations had to be considered in the design and structure. Every little detail counts and our primary goal was – as always - to deliver a quality product that would meet our client’s expectations. Only 18 months after the project was initiated, the substation was installed in its destination in Belgium.

When creating a turnkey substation solution, it is important to have a base of trustworthy suppliers that deliver on time and in the right quality. Every little detail counts and to be able to meet the requirements of our client as well as the high standards of sub-sea constructions, it is crucial that we stay one step ahead to avoid delays and to always ensure perfect quality in the final product.

Bladt Industries is responsible for the construction of steel structures for all substations, while Semco Maritime is facilitating the production of LV electrical works, including E&I, design, onshore construction and offshore commissioning.

“As senior project manager, it is my job to constantly be aware of what is going on, keep track of the process and make sure that all components live up to our high standards. This was even more so important in the case of Northwind, where we had the job of creating a turnkey solution. ”

Poul Riskjær, Senior Project Manager

“ Although we have experience with all parts of an EPCI-contract, this was our first turnkey solution and it was exciting to have the possibility of seeing the idea come to life – from design to production and from production to installation.”

Poul Riskjær, Senior Project Manager







Design, fabrication, and installation of offshore substation


216 MW


1,200 t

Type of Contract: