Nobelwind (Bligh Bank 2)

Belgium (165 MW)


Early 2015, Bladt Industries and Semco Maritime were granted a construction contract by Parkwind NV for
the supply of an offshore substation for the Belwind Offshore Wind Farm. The EPCI contract covered a 980
tons substation with a total output of 165 MW.

The design phase of the project was initiated in May 2015 and by September 2015, the manufacturing process began. One year later, in September 2016, load-out of the substation took place.

As general contractor on the project, Bladt Industries was responsible for the design, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and installation of the substation.
Bladt Industries collaborated with long term partners Semco Maritime who was responsible for electrical and
technical systems, and ISC Consulting Engineers who handled the structural design.

The substation is placed in the North Sea, 45 kilometres off the coast of Belgium where it is collecting
voltage from 50 wind turbines which will provide a total output of 165 megawatts. It is the 16th substation to
leave Bladt’s site in Aalborg.

“The Bligh Bank 2 substation project was a slightly different project than usual. The client opted for a very rapidly produced substation with no extra features that would be ready for use within a short time frame. An optimised design and quality check phase and a strong collaboration among all parties made for an exceptionally smooth process enabling us to complete the project in only one year.”

- Per Emil Larsen, Senior Project Manger









Design, fabrication and installation of one offshore substation


165 MW



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