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Veja Mate TP fabrication and load-out completed

The final 6 transition pieces for the Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm were delivered to Offshore Windforce VM V.O.F. from Bladt Industries’ production facilities in Aalborg at the end of 3rd quarter 2016.

17 October 2016
Vaje Mate Load Out

The last of a total of 67 transition pieces

The 6 transition pieces were the last of a total of 67 transition pieces which were all finished within 14 months from contract commencement. The fabrication time itself amounted to a short 12 months from delivery of materials to final load-out. Despite this very tight time schedule, all transition pieces were fabricated and delivered without any delays.

The 67 transition pieces have a diameter of up to 6.8 metres, an average weight of 325 tons, and a length
of approximately 22 metres.

Throughout the entire project, cooperation between Bladt Industries, EEW SPC and Offshore Windforce (the business partners on this project) has been very strong and the project has run smoothly during the entire process. Bladt and EEW SPC have worked together for several years and together we have delivered more than 1,500 foundations.

The Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm:
The Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm consists of 67 wind turbines performing a total of 402 MW. It will be situated nearly 129 km off the German coast in the North Sea.