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Ørsted awards Bladt Industries with a contract for Transition Pieces for the Borssele 1 + 2 OWF

Bladt Industries will supply the Borssele 1&2 Offshore Wind Farm with 35 transition pieces and the fabrication is planned to start up very shortly.

25 October 2018

With more than 1,700 foundations on the track record, Bladt Industries is delighted to have secured yet another contract and not least to continue their good cooperation with Ørsted just after the finalisation of Hornsea Project One.

“We have worked closely together with Ørsted for the last decade on fabrication of foundations and substations. This is an advantage for both parties as we are familiar with Ørsted’s way of working and they know what Bladt Industries stands for when it comes to quality and flexibility.”

Lars Bender, Vice President, Head of Commercial & Sales, Bladt Industries.

Borssele 1 & 2 Offshore Wind Farm is controlled and developed by Ørsted. The total capacity will reach 752 MW. The Wind Farm will be installed in the Dutch part of the North Sea about 23 km from the coast of Westkapelle in the Netherlands. The operation of the park is expected to start up by 2020 and will provide electricity to 1 million households.

Bladt Industries will fabricate the transition pieces at their site in Denmark.