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First foundation load-out completed

West of Duddon Sands: Bladt has completed the load-out of the first five foundations for the offshore wind farm.

28 January 2013

During the end of last week, the quay of our site in Aalborg hummed with activity more than usual as employees from Bladt and OffshoreWindForce were working to achieve a successful load-out of the first five of a total of 108 foundations for Dong Energy and Scottishpower Renewables’ West of Duddon Sands offshore wind farm.

“Our fabrication of the 108 foundations is proceeding according to schedule, and we are happy to see that we have succeeded in creating a set-up that works. With such a large project, it is always exciting to see which challenges might entail.”

Morten Mørk, Division Manager, Bladt Industries.

The load-out is the first of 22 planned load-outs of foundations for West of Duddon Sands. Each load-out consists of five sets of foundations. The monopiles vary in size and weight from 334-516 tonnes while the transition pieces each weight approximately 300 tonnes. All of the foundations will be fabricated at our facilities in Aalborg.