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Expansion in Aalborg: Bladt Industries is expanding to cater to offshore wind substation projects in the pipeline

Major excavation work is underway at our site in Aalborg, Denmark. Right now, together with Port of Aalborg, we are piloting the foundations that will eventually lay the foundation for five offshore substations (OSSs) at the same time at the Aalborg site.

18 September 2023

“We will get 110,000 new m2 - roughly the equivalent of 15 football pitches. 60,000 m2 is set aside for use by the future OSSs  –  with full infrastructure - technical building with electricity, compressed air and water - and collection of all wash water from OSS sinks, so we treat this in an environmentally sound manner. All infrastructure is carried out in grounded guide pipes with the possibility of replacement / additional infrastructure.”

Søren Schlott Mikkelsen, Operations Management Office, Bladt Industries

Image: Andreas Wojcik, Operations Director, Substations & Søren Schlott Mikkelsen, VP Operations Management Office

In the scope of the expansion in Aalborg, there is also an extension of the project road to a width of 30 m, with full asphalt pavement so that substations can be transported directly to / from the port without having to go through the rest of the production area.

Likewise, the load out platform on the quay is being expanded, so that you can drive directly onto barges / ships. Water depth at the load out platform will be increased from the current 9.7 meters to 11 meters.

“Another 50,000m2 will be used for storage / assembly space for large parts - for example for external platforms and boat landings. The first parts will be arriving later this year.”

Søren Schlott Mikkelsen, Operations Management Office, Bladt Industries

In total, we have removed approx. 90,000 tons of soil, and the area will be covered with 100,000 tons of Norwegian granite shards.

In connection with the new warehouse area, a parking lot with space for approx. 200 cars will be made.

Behind the work is, among others, Port of Alborg, COWI, MT Højgaard, NIRAS, Per Arsleff, Ove Arkil and Bravida.

Earlier this year, Bladt Industries and Semco Maritime delivered the Vineyard Wind 1 OSS from Odense Port (pictured below). This gives a visualisation of the scope of work in coming years in Aalborg, although the size of the OSS’s vary.

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