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EPCI contract for Bladt Industries

Bladt Industries won the EPCI contract for the delivery of a substation for the Northwind Offshore Wind Farm off the coast of Belgium.

03 July 2012

The Danish steel contractor won an EPCI contract on the delivery of a substation to be installed in the Northwind Offshore Wind Farm on Bank Zonder Naam off the coast of the Belgian town Zeebrugge.

The substation is due to be finished on 1 June 2013, and the installation is to planned take place during June 2013 which means there is a tight schedule on the project. To Bladt Industries, this is the twelfth substation we produce in merely ten years, and the vast experience we have gathered both from former wind projects as well as from similar projects for the oil & gas industry has made us used to creating a set-up that fully meets the client’s tight schedule.

The EPCI contract means that a great and very exciting job lays before us from now on – a job that has already taken its beginning at our facilities in Aalborg, Denmark.

The substation will collect the power from the 72 offshore wind turbines of the V112-3.0 MW model which Vestas will be delivering for the project.

Besides from the order for the Northwind project, Bladt Industries concurrently works on the fabrication of a substation for the German wind project Borkum Riffgrund I – an order that comprises both a substation and a jacket structure for the German offshore wind farm which with a capacity of 320 MW will be one of Germany’s largest offshore wind farms.