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CS WIND Offshore is the new name of Bladt Industries

CS WIND Offshore’s new corporate identity is to underline its expertise with offshore wind and connection with South Korean owner CS WIND Corporation.

14 March 2024

In December 2023, global leading wind turbine tower manufacturer CS WIND completed the
acquisition of Bladt Industries, now renamed CS WIND Offshore, to underline the expertise in
delivering foundations, and substations for offshore wind farms.

- With the new name, we want to emphasize that we are fully committed to offshore wind. We
are proud of the history of Bladt Industries as a company that has shaped the offshore wind
industry and earned the trust from many customers since the early years. We will continue to
cherish the legacy and utilize the many years of expertise, says Joseph Oh, CEO in CS
WIND Offshore and adds:

- We have become part of a global, strong corporation, and although our end products vary -
the complex task of shaping massive steel structures is the same for all CS WIND entities -
hence, we collaborate globally and have a solid foundation of experience, know how,
relationships and network to support us. With the acquisition completed, CS WIND Offshore
has emerged strengthened and we want our company name and identity to reflect this: We
are not alone – we are part of the global CS WIND family.

Now follows a period of implementation of the new company name and alignment to new
ways of working, as the integration of CS WIND Offshore in the CS WIND corporation

Photo of Joseph Oh, CEO, CS WIND Offshore.

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