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Cofferdam on its way to Anholt

Wednesday afternoon on July 18, the time had come for the Cofferdam structure to be shipped from the quay at Bladt Industries.

19 July 2012

In only one month, Bladt has fabricated the construction which is now on its way to Grenå from where it will be shipped to Anholt Offshore Wind Farm as soon as the weather improves. Here it will be used for trial measurements to discover if this technology is the most optimal one for reducing the noise level.

The Cofferdam structure is the result of a new technology which is meant to reduce the noise level when installing monopiles for offshore wind turbines. Recent regulations from the EU determine that the noise level must not exceed 160 dB within a 750 m radius. The Cofferdam structure can reduce the noise with up to 25 dB making it possible to carry out the installation within the existing EU regulation.