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Century Wind Power and Bladt Industries announce they have entered a Joint Venture

Taiwanese Century Wind Power and Danish Bladt Industries have signed a Joint Venture Agreement, as they want to take part in the upcoming Taiwanese offshore wind business on the fabrication of offshore foundations.

08 August 2018

The Joint Venture “Century Bladt Foundation Co., Ltd” will provide the market with a mature European fabrication technology combined with local and highly experienced steel construction fabricator.

This agreement will match up with the mission of the Taiwanese government, who has allocated 5.5 GW offshore wind park projects. The Government has thereby sent a clear signal that offshore wind energy will play an important part of the Taiwanese energy supply in the near future.

Century Group is the local part in the joint venture with more than 30 years of steel structure fabrication experience, and Bladt Industries is the experienced and market leading offshore wind foundation partner with more than 1,500 offshore wind foundations on their track record.

With this joint venture, the partners are convinced that they will be able to provide the upcoming Taiwanese market with high quality offshore foundations.

“This agreement is an important milestone for Bladt Industries, Century Wind Power, and the Taiwanese upcoming offshore wind market.”

Lars Kristensen, Senior Vice President, Bladt Industries.

“We have been working on this agreement for the last year, and we are convinced that with this setup we will be able to provide high-end quality structures to the market.”

Lars Kristensen, Senior Vice President, Bladt Industries.

From the left: Klaus Steen Mortensen, CEO, Bladt Industries, Mr. Jong-Chin Shen, Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs. Taiwan R.O.C., Mr. Wen-Hsiang Lai, Chairman, Century Wind Power Co., Ltd., Mr. Ming-De Wang, Deputy Mayor, Taoyuan City

The signing of the Joint Venture took place under festivity with prominent guests from the Taiwanese Government, Ørsted, CIP, WPD, NPI and several other important partners. 

“The Century Bladt Foundation Co., Ltd Agreement is a very important step for Bladt Industries to expand the business into Asia; one of the new growth areas of offshore wind.”

Klaus Steen Mortensen, CEO, Bladt Industries

“Together, we will move forward in the offshore wind energy industry, and once again bring Taiwan manufacturing to world-class standards”

Chairman Mr. Wen Hsiang Lai.