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Bligh Bank Phase 2 substation ready for installation

The Bligh Bank Phase 2 substation is now finalised and this weekend load-out took place at Bladt Industries’ production facilities in Aalborg

06 September 2016

Construction of the substation was initiated in May 2015 and as main contractor on the EPCI project, Bladt Industries is responsible for the construction of steel, as well as the design, fabrication, commissioning and installation of the substation. Total weight of the substation is 1,100 tons.

Bladt Industries collaborates with Semco Maritime and ISC throughout the design process, onshore construction, as well as offshore commissioning of electrics and technical systems.

The project has progressed according to schedule and Bladt Industries is very pleased with the result. Cooperation with Semco Maritime has been yet another success and the substation project has been finalised on a short 3 months. Installation will take place mid-September 2016.

The substation will be placed in Belwind offshore wind farm in the North Sea, 45 kilometres off the coast of Belgium where it will collect voltage from 50 wind turbines.