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Bladt Industries signs two significant contracts

Bladt Industries have sealed two significant contracts with innogy SE and are currently busy planning the upcoming execution of both the foundations and the offshore substation for the Kaskasi Offshore Wind Farm.

03 April 2020

Most feasible fabrication design
innogy SE has chosen Bladt Industries for the delivery of 39 monopiles, 38 transition pieces and one transition piece special designed for the offshore substation. Bladt Industries have been heavily involved in providing guidance and input for the optimisation of the most feasible fabrication design throughout the final construction process to ensure the best outcome for innogy SE.

“It is clearly an advantage for the project, that we have been able to provide guidance and inputs to ensure the most optimised fabrication design. This early involvement has been an productive process for both parties and I am convinced that it will pay off in the end.”

Klaus Steen Mortensen, CEO Bladt Industries

Bladt Industries will start the production of the project in the third quarter of 2020, with the final foundation scheduled to leave the Aalborg site in Denmark by third quarter of 2021.

Turn-key substation on the way 
Bladt Industries are also to deliver the offshore substation (EPCI contract), including the transition piece, for the Kaskasi Offshore Wind Farm. This contract will be executed in close cooperation with our long-term partners Semco Maritime and ISC Engineering. Bladt Industries will have the overall responsibility of the project and perform the construction of the offshore substation which is designed by ISC Engineering and Semco Maritime will design and carry out the electrical installations of the 342 MW OSS for Kaskasi Offshore Wind Farm.

This is the 22st substation that Bladt Industries will fabricate and the fourth they will delivered as a turnkey project to German waters. Bladt Industries has therefore the knowledge needed on how to obtain the relevant approvals from the German authorities.

The Offshore Substation is scheduled to be installed in the first half of 2022.

“I am delighted that we have signed the contracts with our Partner, innogy SE for the delivery of both the foundations and the offshore substation. I am certain that the mutual proven experience from previous projects will be a cornerstone for our teams, when we enter into mobilization and this will pave the way for a significant reduced risk mitigation in the execution phase in order to meet the important milestone.”

Nils Overgaard, CSO, Bladt Industries.

Bladt Industries values the long term relationship with innogy and are proud to be engage in this important project.

The wind farm will be built off Heligoland in the same grid connection cluster as innogy’s 295-MW Nordsee Ost wind farm.