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Bladt Industries secures large XXL monopile contract with Ørsted

Bladt Industries has secured a contract to deliver XXL monopiles for two of Ørsted's offshore wind farms located in Germany. Bladt’s new production facilities in Odense, Denmark will now be fully utilized from start up in 2022.

06 September 2021

In February 2021, Bladt Industries announced a large investment to expand its production facilities in Odense Harbor. With the expansion now underway, the company expects to start building the so-called XXL monopiles once facilities are complete in the spring of 2022. XXL monopiles are giant steel foundations that stand on the seabed ready to support the next generation of offshore wind turbines, each standing at 250-300 metres in height.

Already a year after the announcement, Bladt Industries has secured its first major contract to produce XXL monopiles for the Danish energy group, Ørsted. The XXL monopiles will be used in the construction of two German offshore wind farms, Gode Wind 3 (242 MW) and Borkum Riffgrund 3 (900 MW).

“The decision to make a large investment in expanding our production facilities was the right move.  It’s a dream scenario for us to win the orders and start full production when our facilities are up and running in 2022. We are now in a unique position within the offshore wind industry and look forward to strengthening our role as a major player in the green transition.”

Anders Søe-Jensen, CEO of Bladt Industries.

Bladt Industries wins the order together with the German steel contractor Steelwind. Each XXL monopile will stand up to 100 metres in height with a diameter of almost 10 metres and a weight of approximately 1,200 tons. Bladt Industries must deliver the foundations by 2022 in order for Gode Wind 3 and Borkum Riffgrund to be completed in 2024 and 2025, respectively.

“The order from Ørsted means we now need to recruit up to 380 employees during the production period. The recruitment process has already begun to secure enough manpower before production begins in July 2022.”

 Anders Søe-Jensen continues.

The market for offshore wind is expected to increase from the current level of 24 GW to 170 GW by 2030, and to 300 GW by 2050. Bladt Industries has the ambition to be a major supplier as the proliferation of offshore wind farming continues.

About Bladt Industries

Bladt Industries is a leading supplier within offshore wind turbines. In the last 25 years, the company has delivered to more than 2,300 offshore wind turbine foundations, equaling more than a third of all the world's offshore wind turbines. Bladt Industries has also supplied a significant number of offshore substations for offshore wind farms. Bladt Industries is the foundation for the green energy transition offshore.

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