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Bladt Industries establishes welding school

Bladt Industries is ready with a new initiative with the opening of the new welding school.

26 August 2014

The idea is not only to train new blacksmiths, but also to maintain the knowledge and craftsmanship that the blacksmiths of Bladt Industries’ have build through decades. All new employed blacksmiths will go through a course at the school, but also the trained blacksmiths will visit the welding school.

The welding school has already been put into operation.

By establishing a welding school the idea is not only to secure a platform to equip and improve the skills of our talented employees. The school is also viewed as an opportunity to try out new welding methods, conduct welding experiments and optimize welding processes.

2014 18 Svejseskole

New column and boom welding machine.

Amongst the new equipment is the column and boom welding machine.